About The School of Business

The School of Business has programs for three different student groups:

  • A traditional undergraduate program with 6 different emphases
  • Two different degree completion programs for working adults
  • Two master's degree programs for working professionals

A mission statement is a common business tool, perhaps you have seen one hanging on business's walls around your town. Nonetheless, it is an important document that focuses resources. We have one for our school, and it should reveal to you what is important to our faculty. The School of Business mission statement reads:

"The Fresno Pacific University School of Business offers challenging academic programs which lead to professional excellence. Knowledgeable and experienced faculty are committed to meeting the needs of a diverse student population while nurturing Christian commitment through integration of faith, values and ethics. Our goal is to inspire students to become more effective leaders in the local and global community."

As our faculty prepares students in their degree programs, it is their desire to:

  1. Encourage and strengthen students' Christian commitment
  2. Provide academic challenge
  3. Help students understand the importance of individual, workplace and community differences
  4. Provide a global understanding of business
  5. Encourage students' ability to integrate faith and life issues
  6. Help students understand professional excellence through lifelong learning