Branding Directives

The following have been drafted by the Integrated Marketing Team—based on market research conducted in 2003-04 by Stamats—and adopted by the President's Cabinet, President's Council and Securing Our Future Task Force:

Positioning Statement:

FPU will position itself as a university (A) with a strong faculty and challenging academic programs that lead to professions, careers and graduate study; (B) where students form rich personal relationships, develop character and ethical commitment, and reach potentials beyond anything they ever expected; (C) and that expresses its Christian character by encouraging personal and spiritual growth.

Unified Brand Promise:

Fresno Pacific University takes education to a higher level with courses that challenge minds, faculty who challenge assumptions, and an attitude that challenges students to engage in the world around them.

Usage criteria:

  • The Positioning Statement and Unified Brand Promise are in alignment with and supportive of the FPU Mission Statement and Vision Statements.
  • All marketing recommendations are based on credible research results.
  • The Brand Promise statement is not a marketing message in and of itself. It is the foundation, however, of the image we will promote externally as well as internally in all communications regarding FPU.
    • All FPU advertising messages and promotional materials will be created around the Brand Promise.
    • All FPU communications (i.e. publications, speeches, press releases, etc.) will consistently reinforce the Brand Promise.
    • FPU will be encouraged internally to deliver on and strengthen the Brand Promise.