Bryan Taylor (BA '00)

Communication major

After completing his bachelor's degree, Bryan is now a graduate student in the leadership and organizational studies (LEAD) program and a full-time FPU staff member working as registrar's systems coordinator. He chose the LEAD program over attending seminary because of its broad scope and his desire to work in leadership in his church denomination. As both an undergraduate student and a graduate student, Bryan received a music scholarship.

"FPU took my perspective from tunnel vision to big picture. The professors opened my mind to search and explore. They helped me to realize there's more to life than what I know. Looking at the world with a broad perspective helped me take my eyes off of myself. Once I turned my eyes outward, I have the opportunity to help other people.

"That is what FPU is doing: sending graduates out to graduate schools across the U.S, sending missionaries out to the world and sending students out to their communities. Students leave here with their lives changed, and they go into their community, their church, their school, their workplace and they are impacting lives around the world.

"I play the cello and sing baritone. I was part of the Baroque Ensemble for four years as an undergraduate and also sang in the college choir all four years. This past year, as a graduate student, I have been part of the new String Quartet. As musicians, we try to excel because we know that we have been given this great opportunity, not only to have a scholarship but also to work with amazing professors. Some are known around the state and the U.S. and some are known around the world, and yet they are open and willing to help you. That has driven us to excel and challenged us to really push and grow."