Nathan Carson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
MCD 209


Ph.D., Philosophy, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, 2013
M.A., Philosophy, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, 2010
Th.M., Interdisciplinary Studies, Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2007
M.C.S., New Testament Studies, Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2005
B.A., Religion and Music, Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington, 1998

Scholarly Interests

  • Ethics (Aristotle's ethics, contemporary virtue ethics, moral psychology)
  • Nineteenth Century Philosophy (Kierkegaard, Nietzsche)
  • Philosophy and Literature
  • Twentieth Century Catholic Renascence

Professional Affiliations

  • The American Philosophical Association, 2010-present
  • Society of Christian Philosophers, 2009-present
  • Graduate Fellow of the Honor's Residential College, Baylor University, 2008-2013
  • Co-founder and co-convenor of Baylor Kierkegaard Society, 2009-2012

Publications and Presentations

  • “Getting into the Game of Tradition-Constituted Moral Inquiry: Does MacIntyre’s Particularism Offer a Rational Way In?” International Philosophical Quarterly, March 2014, forthcoming
  • "Poetic Representation and Existential Time: On Kierkegaard's Reduction of Literary Art to Subjective Communication," History of Philosophy Quarterly, vol. 30, no.3, July 2013
  • "Passionate Epistemology: Kierkegaard on Skepticism, Approximate Knowledge, and Higher Existential Truth," Journal of Chinese Philosophy, vol. 40 no.1, 2013
  • "Transformation in the Wasteland? Remembrance, Naming and Charitable Action in the The Road," Film and Philosophy vol. 17, 2013
  • "Walker Percy's 'Theory of Man' and the Elimination of Virtue," In Peter Lawler and Brian Smith (eds.)  A Political Companion to Walker Percy. Series: Political Companions to Great American Authors, Patrick Deneen (ed.) University of Kentucky Press, 2013
  • Review of Essays on the History of Ethics by Michael Slote, Oxford University Press, 2010,in The Review of Metaphysics, vol. 63 no.4, 952-954, 2010
  • Review of The Retrieval of Ethics by Talbot Brewer, Oxford University Press, 2009, in The Review of Metaphysics, 64  no.1, 133-135, 2010
  • "The Malaise of the Modern Self and the Search for Wholeness: A Review of Walker Percy's Fiction, in CRUX: A Quarterly Journal of Christian Thought and Opinion, Vol. 42, No.4, 12-19, 2006


  • "Kierkegaard and Confucius: Congruence on relational selfhood, harmonious agency, and ethical relation to others," First International Conference on Kierkegaard and Chinese Culture, Hong Kong, May 2013
  • "Kierkegaard on Approximation Knowledge and Existential Truth: An Incompatibilist Interpretation," American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting, Seattle, Washington, 2012
  • "Appreciating Virtuous Activity: Rethinking the Traditional Virtue-Continence Distinction," Baylor University Graduate Colloquium, 2012
  • "Getting into the Game of Tradition-Constituted Moral Inquiry: Does MacIntyre's Particularism Offer a Rational Way In?" International Society for MacIntyrean Inquiry, 5th International Conference, Providence College, 2011
  • "Thick Ethical Concepts Still Cannot Be Disentangled: A Critical Response to Payne, Bloomberg, and Blackburn." American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2011
  • "The Concept of Appreciation and its Ethical Dimensions," Baylor University Philosophy Club,  Baylor University, 2011
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  • "Neither Cartesian Angel nor Darwinian Beast: Walker Percy on human unsignifiaiblity, anxiety, and virtue," Conference on Science and the Virtues, Berry College, 2010
  • "Milton as a Flourishing Bureaucrat? An Undermining Case Against Eleonore Stump's, 'The Problem of Evil and the Desires of the Heart," Midwest Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers, Calvin College, 2010
  • "The Extent of Kierkegaard's Skepticism," 61st Annual Northwest Philosophy Conference, Pacific University, 2009
  • "Artistic Representation and Inner-Historical Time: Kierkegaard on the Temporal Limitations of Art and the task of the Literary Artist," The Soren Kierkegaard Society, American Philosophical Association, Central Division Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, 2010
  • "Transformation in the the Wasteland: Remembrance, Naming and Charitable Action in Cormac McCarthy's The Road," Faith, Film and Philosophy Conference, Whitworth College and Gonzaga University, 2010
  • "Divine Revelation as Aesthetic-Ethical Order: Aesthetics, Natural Law, and Moral Reform in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov," Midwest Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers, Oklahoma Baptist University, 2009
  • "Beyond the Inbreaking Moment: The Intrinsic Ubiquity of Revelatory Grace in Flannery O' Connor's Theology and The Violent Bear It Away," Baylor University's EGSA Interdisciplinary Conference: "Revelations: Discoveries in Sacred and Secular Literature and Art," Baylor University, 2008