Hania Brasali

Hania is a freshman from Fresno, California, majoring in pre-health science/pre-pharmacy.

"I would just like to thank all of the alumni and donors for helping out this school and giving me the opportunity to afford coming to an awesome school like FPU! I came to FPU with the intention of obtaining a degree and graduating, but FPU has given me so much more. After only a few weeks at school, I was already getting involved in various things here on campus. All the students here are friendly, and it's just amazing to see all of God's wonderful works being done here around the campus community.

"After FPU I am planning on moving on to a graduate school for pharmacology to go into research or to be a pharmacist. I really appreciate all of the people that have made it a possibility for me to come to FPU. Financially, it has been hard choosing to go to a private university with the thought that I would eventually be moving on to a graduate school but I know that God wanted me to come here. Thank you to all of the alumni and donors for making this happen!"