Rebekah Benavides

Rebekah is a freshman from Fresno, California, majoring in liberal studies.

"I chose to attend Fresno Pacific University because I loved the small community atmosphere. The teachers and faculty are so approachable and really care about the students. I have never felt lost in the crowd at FPU. I also value the fact that FPU is a Christian university with many opportunities for service and worship. I thoroughly enjoy college hour and look forward to fellowship and discipleship with the students at FPU."

"At Fresno Pacific University I hope to gain an excellent education and sharpen my worldview and leadership skills. I also hope to become more responsible and to grow in my obedience and relationship with Christ. After I graduate I plan to marry and become a home-school mother. My education in liberal studies will prepare me for this and any other teaching jobs I may have."

"I am very grateful and blessed to have received the Paragon, drama, and concert choir scholarships. My parents had almost no money to contribute to my education and if not for my scholarships, I would have been unable to attend Fresno Pacific. I will be the first person in my family to complete a college education and I thank God for this opportunity."