What students are saying about Living Biblical Hebrew

“This has been my favorite class since my first semester taking it. The only thing I would want is for more students to know about this course so they could take advantage of it.“

“Hebrew was the cherry on top of my college education.”

“This method of teaching is great. I wish I would have learned other languages this way.”

“This program has undoubtedly been one of my best experiences at FPU. It was enjoyable and beneficial, and greatly expanded my thinking both on language and on the Bible.”

“I am a Psych major, but my favorite class is Hebrew.”

“The way the course was taught helped me pick up the language better. The way the workload was divided up also helped me to learn the material better.”

“It was one of the best experiences I had at FPU. I'm now an upperclassman bib studies major, and I'm daily using what I learned in Hebrew I - III to deepen my learning in classes.”

“I have appreciated the ability to slow down and read the text and appreciate every detail of the language.”

“Hebrew was the most life-giving class in biblical studies that I've taken.”