Community Environment

The dominant emphasis of life together within the university community is on the quality of human relationship and on the sense of mutual care for one another. Openness and integrity should be reflected in all relationships. Learning at FPU equips students for effective witness and service to the world and enables people to contribute to the social good of all. An emphasis on witness and service becomes the foundation of the educational program and its implementation. The university community is committed to the discovery and promotion of standards that contribute to the spiritual, intellectual, moral and social maturity of all members. Freedom and order are preserved in the community through self-discipline and the self-regulation of the community. Most of the guidelines governing community life are reflections of those traditional cultural values which have characterized nobility of character. Thus, members of the community are expected to demonstrate characteristics of honesty; respect for the rights, opinions, and property of others; respect for the laws of the state; and the creative use of time, energy and material resources. Faculty are expected to model the behavioral expectations of students, as described in the university catalog and student handbooks of the various schools.