Mentoring & Advising for Student Success

The student-faculty relationship is at the center of the undergraduate experience and one of the most important keys to student success in college. The Office of Student Success and Retention helps facilitate these relationships and support student success. In addition to coordinating and supporting academic mentors and advisors, our office assists students participating in the 4-Year Graduation Guarantee, as well as students who struggle academically.


At Fresno Pacific University, every new freshman automatically becomes a member of a small group of approximately 20 other freshmen we call a collegium. Every collegium has a faculty mentor/advisor who, with the assistance of an upper class mentor assistant (MA), guides collegium members through their first year and beyond.

The mentor and mentor assistant:

  • Help the members of their collegium pick classes for the freshman year.
  • Lead the members of their collegium through new student orientation.
  • Organize numerous social activities, including the Casa Pacifica retreat.

The mentors of freshmen students carry the primary responsibility for academic advising until the student selects a major.

Academic Mentors/Advisors

Upon declaration of a major, students will be assigned to an academic program director or mentor/advisor in the proper school who will assist the student in program planning within the major. Program directors and mentors/advisors will also play a more general counseling role and will assist the student in career planning.

If you have questions about your program and are unable to contact your mentor, please contact the Office of Student Success and Retention.