Karl Strube

BA 2006, business administration - accounting emphasis / math minor

I finished my B.A. at FPU in May 2006. I majored in accounting and also picked up a math minor.

In November I interviewed on campus for a position with Deloitte, one of the "big four" CPA firms globally. I received a call back for an in-house interview at their Fresno office and was hired as a staff accountant in the audit department the next week. I [started] in September.

It was my accounting professor who provided me with the interview for my internship at a small CPA firm. That, along with my on-campus involvement, provided the edge that I believe secured me the job with Deloitte.

Fresno Pacific has been an amazing place to get my education. I have taken a few courses here and there at other colleges, and I have witnessed an amazing difference in the quality of teaching and professor expectations. Fresno Pacific provided the environment to help me grow and develop into a more rounded person. I've gained so many more skills than I thought I would ever need.