Chemistry explores the composition, properties, structure, and reactions of matter. The chemistry major provides students with an understanding of the unifying themes—and diversity—of natural and synthetic materials and their importance within the environment and technology.

Unique Features

  • Courses build a foundation of knowledge in biology, calculus, quantitative analysis and physics
  • Science courses are housed in AIMS Hall of Science, a new state-of-the-art science facility
  • Understanding the interaction of science, ethics and religious faith is central to our program

Our Graduates

The chemistry major prepares students for various positions in science, industry and government research, as well as advanced study in a variety of scientific disciplines.

Program Details

Students choose from two degree programs:

  • The B.A. degree is appropriate for students who desire greater flexibility in their undergraduate coursework. This flexibility may be used to incorporate a minor, a second major, a study abroad program or additional elective coursework.
  • The B.S. degree is appropriate for those who seek greater depth of foundational coursework in supporting fields, additional breadth within the major and a research capstone.

Program Director