Communication - Multimedia Production Emphasis

Communication can encompass any form of media—cinema and film, the Internet, audio and much more. The multimedia production emphasis introduces students to various types of media and the professional production of each.

Unique Features

Courses for this emphasis represent many of the forms of communication media—graphic arts, the Internet, digital video, scriptwriting and audio—exploring the production methods for each form.

Our Graduates

Multimedia production is found in a wide variety of career fields—from film to commercial art to music production. Students choosing this emphasis are well-prepared for internships and careers in any production setting.


Required Courses (6 Courses, 18 Units)

Select six of the following:

  • ART -230 Basic Computer Graphic Arts (3)
  • COM-346 Scriptwriting (3)
  • COM-350 Visual Rhetoric (3)
  • COM-355 Media Aesthetics (3)
  • COM-360 Digital Video Production (3)
  • COM-370 Audio Production (3)
  • COM-385 Cinematography: Visual Story Telling (3)
  • COM-390 Creating on the Web (3)

Program Director

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