Intercultural Studies

Do you want to make a difference in today’s multicultural world? Do you want to bring God’s hope in the midst of the many challenges facing people around the world? Our intercultural studies program equips students to effectively work and minister across geographic, economic, cultural and social boundaries.

This program reflects FPU’s vision and legacy of equipping students with the tools needed to understand, enter, work and minister within cultures different from their own. In particular, the major provides students with an understanding of God’s mission and how this shapes our efforts to develop churches, development programs, businesses and other initiatives designed to impact peoples’ lives.

Unique Features

This major is built around a set of interdisciplinary courses designed to give a broad understanding of the world and connections between societies. A unique feature of the program is the semester intercultural experience, during which students live, learn and serve in a unique cultural setting.

Our Graduates

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies possess the tools needed to understand, work and minister effectively in different cultures.

Program Details

Students must choose one of the following emphases:

Program Director