Liberal Studies - Intercultural/Domestic Studies Concentration


The following courses are required for this concentration. The general education courses listed are only those required for this concentration. A total of 57 - 63 units are required for general education (not including the language requirement).

Required Courses

  • REL-418 Culture, Religion and the Church (3)
  • SOC-482 Intercultural Practicum (1)

Select three of the following (at least one from each area):


  • COM-400 Intercultural Communication (3)
  • GEOG-220 Cultural Geography (3)*
  • LIT-440 Spanish Literature (3)
  • ┬áSOC-300 Cultural Anthropology (3)*

*Choose from these courses if planning to complete a minor.


  • LIT-445 Latin American Literature (3)
  • LIT-448 Multicultural Literature (3)

For a Minor Add

  • PS-400 World Politics and Society (4)

Select one of the following:

  • REL-452 Christianity in the Non-Western World (3)
  • THEO-430 Contemporary Theologies (3)
  • THEO-447 Theologies of the Human Person (3)

Parent Program