Liberal Studies - Music Concentration


The following courses are required for this concentration. The general education courses listed are only those required for this concentration. A total of 57 - 63 units are required for general education (not including the language requirement).

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General Education Requirements

  • MUS-102 Music Appreciation (3)
  • or MUS-103 Introduction to American Popular Music (3)

Required Courses

  • MUS-101 Elements of Musicianship (3)
  • MUS-110L Music Theory and Ear Training (4)

Two semesters of music ensemble participation:

  • Vocal music (2)
  • or Instrumental music (2)

Select one of the following:

  • MUS-350 Early Music History (3)
  • MUS-351 Music History: 1725-1900 (3)
  • MUS-352 Music History and World Music Since 1900 (4)

For a Minor Add

  • MUS-210L Music Theory and Counterpoint (4)
  • MUS-400 Music in the Church (3)
  • Four semesters of private music instruction (4 units)
  • Four semesters of music ensemble participation (8 units)
  • Successful completion of the Level 1 jury examination

Parent Program