Political Science

Effective and just politics demand ethical and informed citizens and political leaders. The political science major provides students with an increased understanding of the political world—locally, nationally and outside of the United Sates. This major equips students to engage in community organizations, electoral politics and movements on behalf of specific policies.

Unique Features

The political science major encourages the observation and in-depth examination of political issues through an objective lens, offering a core understanding of ethics. Courses introduce students to key principles in political science and political analysis, enabling graduates to develop a critical understanding of politics and its place in society—now and in the future.

Our Graduates

A Bachelor of Arts in Political Science provides graduates with preparation for a variety of careers in private and public political organizations, such as those in local government, journalism, international organizations, political campaigns, interest groups/associations, and colleges or universities.


General Education Prerequisites

  • ECON-105 Principles of Economics (4)
  • HIST-150 American Civilizations (4)
  • PHIL-100 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
  • SOC-120 Introduction to Sociology (3)

Required Courses (10 Courses, 31-37 Units)

Core Program (5 courses, 16-17 units)

  • PS-120 American Politics and Society (4)
  • PS-390 Religion and Politics in America (3)

Select three of the following:

  • PS-371 American Law and Legal System (3)
  • PS-400 World Politics and Society (4)
  • PS-420 International Politics and Organizations (3)
  • PS-450 History of Political Theory and Ideas (3)
  • PS-460 Organizational Theory (3)

Breadth Program (15 units minimum)*

Select a minimum of five of the following:

  • BUS-475 Law, Business and Society (3)
  • FIN-452 Public Finance (3)
  • LEAD-476 Internship (1-3)**
  • PS-300 California History and Politics (4)
  • PS-371 American Law and Legal System (3)
  • PS-373 Nature, Law and Policy (3)
  • PS-375 Criminal Justice in America (4)
  • PS-380 Social Problems and Public Policy (4)
  • PS-385 Urban Society and the Welfare State (4)
  • PS-400 World Politics and Society (4)
  • PS-412 Modern Africa: History, Politics and Culture (3)
  • PS-414 Modern Asia: History, Politics and Culture (3)
  • PS-416 Modern Middle East: History, Politics and Culture (3)
  • PS-420 International Politics and Organizations (3)
  • PS-425 Global Economics and Sustainable Development (3)
  • PS-430 America in a Global Community (4)
  • PS-450 History of Political Theory and Ideas (3)
  • PS-460 Organizational Theory (3)
  • PS-465 Organizational Behavior (3)
  • PS-483 Project in Political Science (1-3)**
  • SOC-461 Introduction to Social Science Research (3)**

*American Studies Program (15-16 units)

The American Studies Program (CCCU) in Washington, D.C. may be taken in place of PS-390, LEAD-476 and two breadth courses.

Recommended Courses

  • SOC-462 Statistics (3)**

**recommended for graduate study

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