The pre-law major equips prospective lawyers or criminal justice personnel to be knowledgeable about the legal and criminal justice systems in the United States. It provides an understanding of alternative approaches to conflict resolution and the pursuit of justice and prepares graduates to pursue value-based careers in a law-related fields.

Unique Features

This program is interdisciplinary in approach and includes courses in business, history, communication, philosophy, political science, sociology and psychology.

Our Graduates

Upon completion of the pre-law major students are prepared for entry-level employment or advanced study in law, criminal justice, mediation and legal history, among many other fields.


General Education Prerequisites

  • HIST -150 American Civilization (4)
  • PHIL-100 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
  • PS-120 American Politics and Society (4)
  • PSY-120 Introduction to Psychology (3)
  • SOC-120 Introduction to Sociology (3)

General Education Focus Series

  • THEO-465 Theological Ethics of Conflict and Peacemaking (3) 
  • VICT-350 Victims, Trauma and Recovery (4)

Required Courses (14 Courses, 40-44 Units)

Core Program (7 Courses, 19-21 Units)

  • PS-371 American Law and Legal System (3) 
  • PS-372 Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution (1) 
  • PS-375 Criminal Justice in America (4) 
  • PS-380 Social Problems and Public Policy (4)* 
  • SOC-410 American Ethnicity and Pluralism (3) 
  • SOC-430 Conflict Management and Resolution (3) 
  • LEAD-476 Internship (1-3)

Pre-Law (7 Courses, 20-23 Units)

  • BUS-475 Law, Business and Society (3) 
  • PHIL-103 Logic and Critical Thinking (3) 
  • PS-373 Nature, Law and Policy (3) 
  • PS-374 Legal Research and Writing (3) 
  • PS-390 Religion and Politics in America (3)*

Select a minimum of two of the following:

  • CRIM-352 Criminology (3) 
  • CRIM-362 Criminal Procedure (3) 
  • CRIM-382 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice (3) 
  • CRIM-392 Corrections (3) 
  • HIST-425 Twentieth Century America (4) 
  • HIST-435 American Intellectual History (4) 
  • HIST-450 History of Political Theory and Ideas (3) 
  • PSY-350 Child Development (3) 
  • PSY-355 Adolescent Development (3) 
  • PSY-395 Social Psychology (3) 
  • PSY-410 Abnormal Psychology (4) 
  • SOC-350 Marriage and Family (3) 
  • SW-390 Chemical Dependency Intervention (3) 
  • SW-395 Studies in Domestic Violence (2)

    *The American Studies Program

    The American Studies Program (CCCU) in Washington, D.C. may be taken in place of LEAD-476 and PS-390. If the Public Policy Track is taken, it replaces PS-380.

    Program Director