Spanish Minor

The Spanish minor is designed to provide students with the language skills needed to be successful in a bilingual environment. Students are required to take courses about the cultures of the Hispanic world. 

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all courses required for the Spanish major, students will be able to:

  • Communicate orally in Spanish at an advanced level.
  • Write in Spanish at an advanced level.
  • Analyze a problem and synthesize a solution through appropriate research in Spanish.
  • Integrate emerging technologies into research and communication in Spanish.
  • Engage in critical thinking about topics related to Spanish language and culture.
  • Describe the unique characteristics of Spanish-speaking cultures around the world.

Our Graduates

The ability to understand and communicate in the Spanish language is a highly-desired skill in the workplace, so much so that professionals with this ability are often preferred, and promoted, in positions that interact with a diverse audience.

Program Details

Students who major in Spanish are required to take a placement test. 

For more information, you may contact the program director, Gina Ponce de Leon at or 559-453-7183.


Required Courses (15 Units)

  • SPAN-100 Elementary Spanish (4)*
  • SPAN-105 Intermediate Spanish (4)*
  • SPAN-200 Intermediate Spanish I (4)*
  • SPAN-205 Intermediate Spanish II (4)*

*or demonstrated proficiency

Select five courses from the following:

  • SPAN-300 Advanced Spanish (3)
  • SPAN-305 Composition and Conversation in Spanish (3)
  • SPAN-310 Literacy in Spanish: Prose (3)
  • SPAN-315 Literatcy in Spanish: Poetry (3)
  • SPAN-320 History of Spanish Language (3)
  • SPAN-325 Formal Spanish Oral Communication (3)
  • SPAN-328 Latin American Civilization and Culture (3)
  • SPAN-330 Latin American Thought: Readings in Spanish (3)
  • SPAN-410 Modern Latin America: History, Politics and Culture (4)

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