Art and creative expression enriches our lives. As an Art major at Fresno Pacific University you’ll find flexibility to tailor your program around your interests. Whether you’re thinking of a career in art or just want to add a bit of creativity to your life, FPU offers art classes can be taken for an art major with three different emphases to choose from or an art minor. Through our innovative, hands-on program, you’ll learn essential artistic skills from top-tiered faculty, equipping you for a wide variety of careers.


  • Opportunities to publicly exhibit student work
  • Internship opportunities
  • Smaller classes give focused attention and greater creative freedom
  • Accessible faculty
  • Exposure to and opportunities for participation in local art events and activities
  • Field trips to art museums--both locally and further afield

Career opportunities

Students may choose to do internships in art. Our program allows students to take up to three internship units, which count toward their degree. While there are a variety of internship possibilities in the Fresno area, there are unlimited opportunities across the nation and around the world in art museums, art galleries, art organizations, artist studios and graphic arts businesses. Interning overseas is highly regarded by FPU as an opportunity for growth in global and cultural awareness. There are a diverse number of art careers. Whether you’re interested in working in an art gallery or museum, as a graphic artist, painting or sculpting for a living, or simply using art to enrich your life, art has a number of business and personal uses. Our primary goal is to help you reach yours!

Program director

Rebeca McMillen, M.F.A., Ph.D. candidate

Instructor of Art