A minor in art will complement any major you choose, by exposing you to design, history, form and function.


  • Interdisciplinary coursework exposes you to a range of artistic endeavors.
  • Coursework allows you to develop your creativity and gain a broad understanding of design.
  • Courses can be tailored to personal interests.

Career opportunities

A minor in art can enhance any major by providing a basic understanding of art, design and art history. This knowledge can enhance a variety of professional endeavors as well as personal creativity.

Course listing

General Education Prerequisite

ART-110Art Appreciation3

Required Courses (18 Units)

ART-140Drawing I3
ART-150Principles of Design3
ART-350History of Western Art I3
ART-355History of Western Art II3
ART-460World Art3

Select one of the following:

ART-120Painting I3
ART-330Art and Religion3
ART-440Exhibition and Gallery Design3