The B.S. degree in chemistry is appropriate for those who seek greater depth of foundational coursework in supporting fields, additional breadth within the major and a research capstone.


  • Small class sizes
  • Emphasis on research
  • Faculty who are experts in their field and who care about their students

Career opportunities

Common careers for chemists include teachers, researcher, forensic and environmental scientists. Our graduates are also well-prepared for graduate study, including teacher credential programs and master’s level research.

Course listing

General Education Prerequisites

BIOL-111General Biology: Cells and Physiology4
CHEM-103General Chemistry I4
MATH-210Calculus I4

Required Courses (57 Units)

Chemistry Core
CHEM-104General Chemistry II4
CHEM-310Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM-311Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM-312LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory I2
CHEM-313LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory II1
CHEM-321Inorganic Chemistry4
CHEM-321LInorganic Chemistry Lab0
CHEM-350Analytical Chemistry5
CHEM-350LAnalytical Chemistry Lab0
CHEM-450Instrumental Analysis4
CHEM-450LInstrumental Analysis Lab0
CHEM-460Physical Chemistry4
CHEM-460LPhysical Chemistry Lab0
CHEM-496Research Project2
CHEM-498Senior Thesis1

Select 4 additional units of upper-division chemistry.

Supporting Courses
MATH-220Calculus II4
MATH-230Calculus III4
or MATH-345
or MATH-365
Linear Algebra
Numerical Analysis
Differential Equations
PHYS-130University Physics I4
PHYS-131University Physics II4