Literature changes the way we view the world. As an English major, you’ll be taught to read and write with attention to detail; communicate with style and clarity; and hone your unique voice. You'll be afforded the opportunity to pursue your own interests and experiment with courses that will expose you to a variety of fields, like journalism, publishing and teaching. Courses are designed to teach you to communicate your distinct thoughts and insights through effective writing and speech.


  • While some programs at other universities focus more narrowly on literature, our programs allow you to pursue your own interests and to experiment with unique courses such as American Wilderness Literature, Visual Rhetoric and Drama Practicum.
  • A diverse range of courses including American Literature, British Literature and World Literature; Creative Writing; Linguistics and Language; Media and Film; Theater Acting and Directing; and internships and practica in journalism, drama, & communication
  • Opportunities for participation in cross-cultural learning experiences.
  • Approximately half of our students go on to careers in teaching, but our well-rounded graduates also pursue careers in library science, journalism, counseling, ministry, business, law and many other fields.

Career opportunities

Library work, writing, education and various positions in the media and journalism

Program director

Eleanor Nickel
Eleanor Nickel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English