Literature changes the way we view the world. As an English major, you’ll be taught to read and write with attention to detail; communicate with style and clarity; and hone your unique voice. You'll be afforded the opportunity to pursue your own interests and experiment with courses that will expose you to a variety of fields, like journalism, publishing and teaching. Courses are designed to teach you to communicate your distinct thoughts and insights through effective writing and speech.


  • While some programs at other universities focus more narrowly on literature, our programs allow you to pursue your own interests and to experiment with unique courses such as American Wilderness Literature, Visual Rhetoric and Drama Practicum.
  • A diverse range of courses including American Literature, British Literature and World Literature; Creative Writing; Linguistics and Language; Media and Film; Theater Acting and Directing; and internships and practica in journalism, drama, & communication
  • Opportunities for participation in cross-cultural learning experiences.
  • Approximately half of our students go on to careers in teaching, but our well-rounded graduates also pursue careers in library science, journalism, counseling, ministry, business, law and many other fields.

Career opportunities

Library work, writing, education and various positions in the media and journalism

Program director

Eleanor Nickel
Eleanor Nickel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English

Course listing

General Education Prerequisites (9 Units)

COM-110Written Communication3
COM-120Oral Communication3
LIT-180Introduction to Literature3

Required Courses (minimum Units: 49)

Core courses

COM-345Composition Theory and Writing3
LANG-340Introduction to Linguistics3
LIT-395Text and Performance3
LIT-460Critical Approaches to Literature3

Literature courses - select one of the following

LIT-350American Wilderness Literature and Philosophy3
LIT-355American Literature: Beginnings to 19th Century3
LIT-360American Literature: 20th Century3

Select one of the following

LIT-400Medieval Life, Thought and Literature4
LIT-420English Literature: Romantic and Victorian Literature3
LIT-425English Literature: 20th Century Literature3

Select two of the following

LIT-370The Novel3
LIT-380World Theater: Roots to 18003
LIT-385World Theater: 1800 to Present3
LIT-445Latin American Literature3
LIT-448Multicultural Literature3

Language courses - select one of the following

COM-350Visual Rhetoric3
COM-455Philosophy of Language3
LANG-350Modern English Grammar3

Writing courses - select two from the following

COM-300Creative Writing: Fiction3
COM-310Creative Writing: Poetry3
COM-320Creative Writing: Nonfiction3
COM-330Writing and Reading Journalism3

Internships and practica - select one of the following

COM-155Journalism Practicum1-2
COM-340Composition Practicum1
COM-365Video Practicum1-2
COM-496Communication Internship1-3
DRA-315Drama Practicum: The Company2
DRA-496Drama Internship1-3
LIT-496Literature Internship1-3

Students may write in another internship or practicum with program mentor approval.


In consultation with a program mentor, select three additional courses from those listed above under Literature Courses, Language Courses and Writing Courses or from the following list:

COM-335Legal Research and Writing3
COM-355Digital Video Production I3
COM-360Digital Video Production II3
COM-368Ancient and Medieval Rhetoric3
COM-370Audio Production3
COM-380Film Studies3
COM-385Cinematography: Visual Story Telling3
COM-390Creating on the Web3
COM-400Intercultural Communication3
COM-410Media and Society3
COM-420Conflict Management and Resolution3
COM-430Group Dynamics and Leadership3
COM-440Performance and Culture3
COM-450Communication Theory3
DRA-355Creative Drama3
DRA-360Directing and Staging Texts3
HIST-364Classical Mythology3
LANG-310First and Second Language Acquisition3
LANG-320Teaching English Language Learners3
LANG-420Teaching English as an Additional Language3
LANG-462Literacy Development for Adult English Learners3
LIT-382Greece: Drama and Paideia in the Polis4
LIT-405The Renaissance and English Literature4
LIT-410Early Modern Europe4
LIT-426English Literature: C.S. Lewis3
LIT-440Peninsular Literature3
LIT-449Literature and Film3
LIT-465Literature for Children and Young Adults3