The intercultural studies program at Fresno Pacific University is designed for everyone who’s ever wanted to live and work amidst another culture. Our program will help you develop perspectives and knowledge necessary to function and serve in our global community. You will learn a broad understanding of the world and develop the tools needed to understand, work and minister effectively in different settings.


  • Learn from a variety of disciplines, such as anthropology, sociology, biblical studies, religious studies, and theology.
  • Develop skills and knowledge that facilitate community development and ministry in cross-cultural contexts.
  • Explore new cultures through study abroad programs and mission experiences.
  • Learn about and explore the diverse cultures of the local area
  • Deepen your spiritual and personal awareness through reflection and discussion.

Career opportunities

ICS graduates find employment in fields such as international missions, international business, non-profit and international community development, urban Christian community development, human resources, human services and social work, intercultural consulting, education, justice and reconciliation work, and refugee services. In addition, the major prepares students for graduate study programs in Intercultural Studies, International Development, Peace and Reconciliation, International Policy, and others.

Program director

Darren Duerksen
Darren Duerksen, Ph.D.

Director & Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies

Course listing

Required Major Core (23 Units)

or MIN-475
Intercultural Studies Practicum*
Urban Los Angeles Immersion
or LANG-496
Intercultural Studies Internship*
Language Studies Internship**
ICS-499Senior Seminar in Intercultural Studies3
LANG-310First and Second Language Acquisition***3
LANG-310LFirst and Second Language Acquisition Lab1
MIN-379Spiritual Formation2
PS-420International Relations3
or REL-460
Christianity in the Non-Western World
Religions of the World
SOC-301Anthropology for Christian Witness3

* should be taken with an intercultural experience
** if taking the tesol emphasis and certificate
*** or 1 semester of foreign language in addition to general education requirements