The international studies minor serves as an introduction to the global community in which we live—its geography, diverse cultures and varied economic and political systems. You will explore these areas in relation to our increasing interdependence.


  • Courses offer a diverse, interdisciplinary focus on political science, history, sociology, geography, religion and international business.

Career opportunities

This minor will prepare you for experiences in cross-cultural education and overseas service or travel for business, leisure and ministry.

Course listing

General Education Prerequisites

ECON-102Principles of Macroeconomics3
GEOG-220Cultural Geography3
HIST-140Modern Civilizations4
PS-120American Politics and Society3

Required Courses (5 Courses, 17-20 Units)

Core program

PS-400Comparative Politics3
PS-420International Relations3
PS-425Global Economics and Sustainable Development3

Breadth program

Select a minimum of four of the following

HIST-410Modern Latin America: History, Politics and Culture4
HIST-412History of Mexico3
PS-412Modern Africa: History, Politics and Culture3
PS-414Modern Asia: History, Politics and Culture3
PS-416Modern Middle East: History, Politics and Culture3
PS-430History and Contemporary Issues in U.S. Foreign Policy4
PS-435Energy, Economics, and Ethics3
PS-450History of Political Theory & Ideas3
ICS-300Summer Short-Term Study Abroad1
 Study abroad3