The mission/service emphasis prepares you for ministry with Christian mission and development organizations, incorporating courses that give important insights for ministry-related initiatives.


  • Opportunities for hand-on service experience
  • Networking opportunities with local missions organizations
  • Diverse campus community

Career opportunities

This emphasis prepares you for a variety of career and service opportunities in cultural contexts beyond your own, both within and across national borders. These include cross-cultural mission, community participation from village to urban communities, social action, international relations and internal policy-making as it relates to cultural/ethnic issues.

Admission requirements

Intercultural Experience Requirement

Students have an opportunity to experience a culture other than that with which they are already familiar. This requirement may be satisfied by participating in one of the study abroad programs offered by the university, by completing an intercultural focus series or through an equivalent experience approved by the program director.

Language Requirement

Two semesters of language, or equivalent, in addition to general education requirements.