The great philosophers throughout time have all understood that behind the experience of life is its deeper meaning – a philosophy. As a philosophy major at Fresno Pacific University, your pursuit of wisdom through will take you through a logical investigation of reality, knowledge and morality. Our courses familiarize you with classic and foundational texts in philosophy and its main components. You will graduate with the tools of the philosopher—observation, reflection and analysis—and with these skills you can examine political and public issues and actively serve as a conscience in society and the church.


  • Recognize, categorize and critically evaluate contemporary philosophers and philosophical schools of thought.
  • Understand significant portions of the history of philosophy and of the way Christian intellectual traditions have both enriched and been enriched by that history of inquiry.
  • Engage and articulate contemporary philosophical problems and describe the ways philosophers have grappled with fundamental questions about reality, knowledge, ethics, aesthetics and the human condition (among others).
  • Communicate with precise philosophical argumentation, reason-informed critical reflection and clear argumentative prose, and recognize as well as critically evaluate the validity and truth of philosophical arguments.

Career opportunities

Philosophy is cross-disciplinary in scope, drawing upon faculty and courses in all divisions of the college, and preparing you for diverse career options. Our graduates possess the critical thinking skills that in high demand in today’s evolving job market. You’ll be prepared for careers in data management and analysis, writing and ministry, as well as graduate study in theology, religious studies and many more.

Program director

Nathan Carson
Nathan Carson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy