History, geography, linguistics and education aren’t subjects you can just learn about from reading books. You’ve got to experience different cultures and backgrounds to understand where everything came from. The social science secondary teaching program at Fresno Pacific University will equip you to be a teacher with knowledge of history and social sciences as well as the understanding of contemporary teaching approaches. Our program is interdisciplinary in approach, global and multicultural in perspective and informed by a Christian worldview.


  • Combination of courses in economics, geography, history, political science, religion and sociology
  • Special attention is given to the importance of both religious and secular ideas throughout history, and how to teach the social sciences from a values-oriented perspective
  • Opportunities for travel abroad

Career opportunities

The FPU social science secondary teaching major is designed for students seeking a career as a junior or senior high school social science teacher. Upon completion of the major, you will be prepared to take the CSET examination in social science. Proficiently meet the instructional goals of the California history-social science framework and provide faithful and wise service to society reflective of the values expressed in the Fresno Pacific Idea.

Program director

Darin Lenz
Darin D. Lenz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History

Course listing

General Education Or Other Prerequisites

ECON-101Principles of Microeconomics3
or ECON-102Principles of Macroeconomics3
GEOG-220Cultural Geography3
HIST-120Ancient Civilizations4
HIST-130Medieval and Early Modern Civilizations4
HIST-140Modern Civilizations4
HIST-150American Civilization4
PHIL-100Introduction to Philosophy3
PS-120American Politics and Society3

Required Courses (11 Courses, 37-49 Units)

The Ancient, Medieval And Early Modern World

Choose one or more of the following if HIST-120 and HIST-130 were taken at FPU; choose two or more of the following if HIST-120 and HIST-130 were not

HIST-325History of Christianity4
HIST-360Greece: Drama and Paideia in the Polis4
HIST-365Rome: Politics, Pagans and Patristics4
HIST-367The Ancient Near East3
HIST-370Medieval Life, Thought and Literature4
HIST-375The Renaissance and English Literature4
HIST-380Reformation History and Theology4
HIST-385Early Modern Europe4
HIST-410Modern Latin America: History, Politics and Culture3
HIST-412History of Mexico3
The Modern World
PS-400Comparative Politics3

Choose two or more of the following (but none chosen above) if hist-140 was taken at fpu; choose three or more of the following if hist-140 was not:

HIST-325History of Christianity4
HIST-395Modern Europe4
HIST-400Modern Africa: History, Politics and Culture3
HIST-406Modern Asia: History, Politics and Culture3
HIST-410Modern Latin America: History, Politics and Culture3
HIST-412History of Mexico3
HIST-418Modern Middle East: History, Politics and Culture3
PS-420International Relations3
The United States Of America
HIST-425Twentieth Century America4
HIST-440California History and Politics4
PS-430History and Contemporary Issues in U.S. Foreign Policy4

Choose one or more of the following

HIST-350American Religious History3
PS-390Religion and Politics in America*4

Choose one or more of the following

HIST-420American Ethnicity and Pluralism3
PS-380Social Problems and Public Policy*4

Choose one or more of the following

ECON-390Global Economics and Sustainable Development*3
INTB-370International Business3

Choose one or more of the following

HIST-436Colonial and Revolutionary America3
HIST-43719th Century America3
HIST-450History of Political Theory and Ideas3

* American Studies Program (15-16 Units)

The American Studies Program (CCCU) in Washington, D.C., may be taken in place of PS-390. If the Public Policy Track is taken, it replaces PS- 380. If the Global Development Track is taken, it replaces ECON-390.