As a part of the theater program at Fresno Pacific, you will explore what it means to be human through art. As Oscar Wilde said, "I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being." Onstage and off—in the classroom, at rehearsals and during production work—you will learn the craft of telling stories dramatically. As a storyteller, you will look for the stories that reflect who we are as humans: our passions, pains, pleasures and diverse perspectives on life and living. As followers of Christ, together we seek to tell stories that reflect themes of redemption, justice, grace and love; themes that address the greater spiritual reality in which we all play a role.

Stories teach us both what is human and what is humane. As we put our theatrical storytelling onstage at Fresno Pacific University, we share our discoveries, our immediacies, with the community that is our audience.

The FPU theater program is committed to making available classroom and performance experiences which encourage student growth on multiple levels—artistic, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual. As we perform, experience and study theater, we engage with various voices, cultures and styles of performance. You will be an active collaborator in the process of making theater.


  • A welcoming artistic community.
  • The chance to learn multiple aspects of the theatrical process—from performance and design/construction to directing and stage- and house-managing.
  • The pursuit of vocational and avocational goals through coursework in theater and performance.
  • Skills that can be applied to future church and ministry work, teaching, graduate study or conservatory training.
  • Opportunities to explore related courses in film, media video and audio production and music.

Career opportunities

Whether you are new to performance or experienced, this emphasis offers an introduction to theater and its history and allows you as a performer to refine your skills and gain a greater cultural awareness of the impact of theater. Future opportunities can be found with theater companies of all sizes.