Provost Faculty Scholarship Recipient

Greg Camp, Ph.D.

As general education coordinator, Greg Camp (BA '82), biblical and religious studies faculty, continually seeks new ways to broaden and improve interdisciplinary instruction. By altering the format of the Focus Series requirement (two courses linked by a common topic; one from a theological perspective and one from another discipline), Camp says he hopes to "expand our current offerings, not just with more courses, but with an expansion of the type of courses that fulfill our goals of integrative thinking for general education."

The format Camp proposes embeds two or more disciplines in a single course based around a single topic, text, or significant figure. The honors-level course will be team-taught by multiple faculty members.

The new format will address a number of concerns. It will fulfill an institutional goal of increased upper division honors courses, as well as provide students with scheduling alternatives. Team teaching will encourage discussion among faculty members of different disciplines, allowing them to test new ideas and enhance research in their own field. Most importantly, students will engage subjects from multiple perspectives at once.

"Integrated courses, that are by nature interdisciplinary, allow the students to examine contemporary issues from multiple perspectives with a goal of seeing the complexities of the issues and in finding more satisfying and effective approaches to those issues," Camp says.

FPU created the Provost Research Grant in 2008 to encourage faculty to develop their scholarship. Awards have been given in fields from science to religion and have funded the creation of new music and the translation of ancient languages. Read the full Provost Faculty Scholarship report which includes all the faculty recipients and an overview of their work. .

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