Provost Faculty Scholarship Recipient

Pamela Johnston, Ph.D.

Near the ancient town of Migdal, Israel, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Pamela Johnston, history and classics faculty, attends a 10-day workshop at which participants speak only Koine Greek--the original language of the New Testament, and a precursor to modern Greek. The 20 attendees have likely never experienced anything like it. From sunup to sundown, they speak only this antiquated language.

"I was able to improve dramatically my spoken skills in Koine Greek and practice teaching skills in the total immersion method," says Johnston.

For Johnston, a professor of history and classics, one aim of the workshop is to gain the skills to develop an immersive Koine Greek course at FPU. Similar to a course in Hebrew taught by fellow faculty member Brian Schultz, Johnston's course will include instruction almost entirely in the Koine Greek language. This allows students to learn the biblical language as they would their native tongue, and begin thinking in the original language, not in English translations.

FPU created the Provost Research Grant in 2008 to encourage faculty to develop their scholarship. Awards have been given in fields from science to religion and have funded the creation of new music and the translation of ancient languages. Read the full Provost Faculty Scholarship report which includes all the faculty recipients and an overview of their work.

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