Provost Faculty Scholarship Recipient

Brian Schultz, Ph.D.

In several ancient texts predating the New Testament, according to biblical studies professor Brian Schultz, "there are descriptions that reveal how the Jewish community understood world geography, having been influenced by the Table of Nations in Genesis, Chapter 10 and a Greek understanding known as the Ionian tripartite division of the world." He is interested specifically in the Genesis Apocryphon (part of the Dead Sea Scrolls) and the Book of Jubliees (part of the Ethiopic Canon).

Schultz is taking a fresh look at these texts in light of recent scholarship, and addressing how each one adapts or elaborates on the Genesis 10 Table of Nations to meet its own agenda, specifically as it relates to Israel's eschatological hopes (the area of theology concerned with death, judgment and the soul's final destiny).

"The World as it was Meant to Be: A Common Early Jewish Conception of the World as Reflected in the War Scroll, the Genesis Apocryphon, and Jubilees," is the title of Schultz's article, which will be submitted to the Journal of Jewish Studies.

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