Health Care Administration - Courses

This degree completion program requires all 41 units in the major be earned at Fresno Pacific University. The 83 units of general education requirements and general education electives/free electives (IGETC) complete the degree with a total of 124 units.

BIB 314*Jesus and the Christian Community3 units
Required Courses
Semester 1
HC 310Health Care in the U.S.3 units
HC 340Social Determinants of Health3 units
HC 315Health Care Terminology1 unit
HC 330Evidence Based Health Care3 units
HC 320Health Care Law, Regulations & Ethics3 units
HC 350Health Care Administration Practicum I 1 unit
Semester 2
BIB 446Biblical Perspectives 3 units
HC 400Conflict Resolution in Health Care3 units
HC 410Global Diversity3 units
HC 450Health Care Systems Administration and Information Technology3 units
Semester 3
HC 420Grief, Trauma and Emergency Preparedness3 units
HC 430Health Care Administration Practicum II3 units
HC 440Health Care Leadership3 units
HC 480Health Care Research Design3 units

*This co-requisite course must be taken prior to the Biblical Perspectives course, either concurrently with cohort courses in semester 1 or prior to cohort start.


For course descriptions, please refer to the university catalog. Courses are listed alphabetically by course code in the back of the catalog.