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Information Technology Resources

Personal Computing

The university strongly encourages students to have their own computer with the minimum specifications for new computers as follows:


  • PC or Mac
  • Laptop (recommended)
  • Intel i3 processor or better
  • 2 GB - 4 GB RAM
  • 160 GB - 250 GB hard drive
  • 10/100 based Ethernet connection
  • Wireless Network Capable (optional for desktop computers)


  • Windows 7 operating system for PC and Snow Leopard or Lion for Mac
  • Microsoft Office 2010 for PC and Microsoft 2011 for Mac (specially priced student versions are available)
  • Anti-spyware program (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Up-to-date anti-virus software required for PC's (A free download of Microsoft Security Essentials is available online. Call the IT Helpdesk for detailed instructions.)

These specifications will run the basic software a student needs to create papers and do research. If the student has programs that are resource intensive, an upgrade is strongly recommended. 

Laptops are ideal for the FPU student. They are mobile, take up less space and can be used to log on the the university's wireless network in certain hotspots on campus. Most new laptops purchased today, with current technology, will last an average student four to five years.

Please note that individual academic programs may require more than what is listed here.

Computer Labs

For students without a computer, a computer laboratory is located in the basement of Kriegbaum Hall. Using Windows equipment, students can access word-processing, spreadsheet, database, languages and other software for their use in classwork, research and writing, as well as email and the internet.

There are also computers for general use in the library. Other labs are available but are often reserved for special programs, teaching or class use.

Network Access

The Fresno Pacific University data network consists of 100Mb TP connections and wireless access throughout most of the campus. All on-campus residence areas have network access from every room. However, some of the access is only through wireless connections. Some wireless cards may or may not be strong enough to work with our network.

All computers connected to the university's network are required to maintain all security patches and have up-to-date antivirus protection.  

Fresno Pacific University also maintains a connection to the internet using a broadband service provider. All students have access to this connection and can use it from any computer connected to the FPU network. The internet access is filtered based on content and network access is filtered for illegal media files. The downloading and/or sharing of illegal media files (music, video, etc.) are forbidden. Any users of the university network are expected to abide by all state and federal laws/regulations and the behavioral standards of the FPU community. Please read FPU's Acceptable Use of Technology policy before connecting your computer to the FPU network (including wireless). Internet access priority is given to academic and business functions. 


Moodle is the university's learning management system and is used to support the teaching of online coursework. The university has two Moodle sites. For undergraduate and graduate courses, students go to the website or use one of the links available in CampusCruiser. For courses offered through the Center for Professional Development, students go to the website


CampusCruiser is the university's official web portal and should be used to access everything related to university online content including university event calendars, schedules, classes, web registration, campus life, and much more. 

Additionally, each baccalaureate and graduate student will be provided an email address that is also accessed through CampusCruiser. Your email address is the official means of communication from the university to its students. All students are responsible for checking their university mail often so that important information is not missed. 

You can access this portal using a web browser by going to Links to this portal can be found on FPU's homepage.