Use of Classroom Equipment

Our goal is to provide all classroom users with state of the art instructional equipment in good working order at the moment it is needed.

Classroom equipment:

  • VCR, including TV or VPU
  • Overhead transparency projector
  • Screen
  • Electrical outlets

Smart rooms may include:

  • DVD player
  • Speakers
  • Amplifier
  • LAN connection (with Internet access only)
  • Computer(s) equipped with various software applications
  • Printer(s) 

Most classrooms contain one or more Ethernet ports. Active ports are labeled "live."

If your assigned classroom does not meet your instructional needs:

Immediately call facilities management (extension 2089) for assistance with overhead projectors or screens. Someone is on the other end of the line 24/7, so if, for example, an overhead doesn't work, call and a working unit will be brought to class. Please don't go get an overhead from next door—this only means that the next class is without a working overhead projector. The same approach holds true for any emergency (e.g., lights out, heating/air conditioning not working, etc.).

Immediately call IT services Helpdesk (extension 3410) for assistance with all other classroom equipment.

If, prior to the start date of your class, you suspect your assigned room will not meet your instructional needs, contact the Registrar's Office (extension 2213) to determine which equipment is in which room or to request a room change.

If you are planning to use one of the "smart" rooms (AIMS, Steinert, etc.), the Multimedia Resource Guidelines provides instructions for how to use "smart" classroom equipment.

If you need help while using overhead projectors or screens, contact facilities management (extension 2089) for immediate assistance. If you need help while using any other classroom equipment, contact IT services Helpdesk (extension 3410).