Secure Your Workstation

The information technology services department at Fresno Pacific University is working hard to support your efforts to keep information on your workstation secure. For example, our firewall protects the campus communication network, and all windows workstations are equipped with password protection software. In addition to these measures, there are several ways you can help maintain the security of your workstation:

  • Lock your Windows workstation when you step away from your desk by typing CRTL + ALT + DELETE (Windows 2000 or newer operating system). Macintosh users don't log onto their workstations, but we still encourage everyone to follow the following guidelines as they relate to passwords (e.g. when accessing password protected internet sites, shared files, etc.).
  • Keep your password secret! Don't tell your password to others; likewise, don't write it on a sticky note attached to your computer monitor.
  • Change your Windows password regularly. (Click here for instructions on how to change your Windows password.) We recommend making a password change at least once each month.
  • Vary your passwords. Use a different password to log onto your Windows workstation than you use to access your online accounts, etc..
  • Consider these tips when creating a new password:
    • Avoid the obvious - No names of your kids, pets or favorite movie star. (Especially if you have a picture of Dory from Finding Nemo on your office wall!)
    • Use a minimum of 6 characters - The larger your password, the more secure it will be.
    • Be random - Avoid dictionary words (in English or any other language). Common hacker programs run your password against a dictionary program: "pizza," for example, is not a good password; neither is "Fresno." Your password will be much stronger if you use a non-word, or if you insert a special character into the middle of the word.
    • Include special characters - As previously suggested, mix numbers and letters, upper and lower case.