Statement from President and Board 11/4/09

From President Lynn Jost:

I am grateful to God for the generous support of individuals and churches that sustains MB Biblical Seminary. Thank you for your prayers, gifts, and efforts to call out workers for Kingdom harvest. Especially in times of crisis, the Seminary depends upon friends such as you.

For the past year Fuller Theological Seminary has engaged us in negotiations to help MB Biblical Seminary deliver quality education to pastoral students across the continent while retaining MB identity. Recently, Fuller administrators withdrew their partnership offer.

Rather than feeling discouraged, I am hopeful that what we learned about seminary partnerships will enable us to pursue a stronger future. Fresno Pacific University President Merrill Ewert and
Tabor College President Jules Glanzer assure me of their support in seeking partnerships for MBBS Fresno within the MB family. The Board has authorized two task forces to explore comprehensive leadership development plans in both Canada and the US.

Church leaders have called MBBS to offer graduate theological education adjusted to meet current needs. We plan to offer distance education via internet and teleconferencing and to explore new curriculum for new needs. We will continue to teach from the center outlined in the MB Confession of Faith, an evangelical-Anabaptist distinctive. We will need your support more than ever as we work out plans for the future.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in me, our Board, and the MB Seminary faculty. We will do our best to be faithful stewards of God’s truth. We aim to nurture the gifts of pastors, missionaries, church planters, and other servants of the church in the world.

Lynn Jost
MBBS President

Click on link below for statement from MBBS Board of Directors following last weeks meeting.

Posted: November 16, 2009