Team from FPU wins 59 Days of Code

A trio from FPU won Fresno's 59 Days of Code contest June 22.

This regional competition was sponsored by the Central Valley Business Incubator to raise awareness that Silicon isn't the only valley with tech companies and know-how. Lisa Alvey, social media manager; Nick Gundry, associate director of interactive media; and Brandon Tilley, enterprise applications engineer, took the Zero-Code category--this means they created everything in 59 days--by storm with their creation: postEcho, a web application that tracks news stories so users can determine how to get their message across by knowing what kind of stories people read. What'd they win? Money to develop their idea, along with marketing and legal help. The category's 14 contestants also included James Collier, alumnus and former communications staff member, who scored in the top three. If Facebook can come out of Harvard, who knows what we can do at FPU! More at

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