MB Biblical Seminary Creates Web-Based Devotional Guide

Faculty, staff and students of MB Biblical Seminary in Fresno, California have written an Easter devotional guide, Walking in the Light, which will be available on the seminary website starting February 25, 2009. The fifty-day devotional guide parallels lectionary texts for the season from the Gospel of John, and focuses on our Christian walk. Walking is a traditional Anabaptist metaphor for discipleship and indicates following Jesus. Light is a common image used in the Gospel of John to refer to Jesus. “We hope the devotional guide, Walking in the Light, helps people follow Jesus and be immersed in the Word of God as we prepare our hearts for the celebration of Easter,” says Lynn Jost, Acting President at MB Biblical Seminary.

Widespread affirmation of the Advent devotional guide distributed by MB Biblical Seminary to its alumni and supporters at the end of 2008 prompted seminary leaders to consider a second seasonal devotional guide written by the seminary community. Walking in the Light will be accessible on the Seminary website (www.mbseminary.edu) under Resources where it can be read each day or printed from a pdf. If you are interested in subscribing to the Easter devotional guide distributed daily via email, please contact MB Biblical Seminary at easter@mbseminary.edu or 1-800-251-6227. A print-friendly version will be sent by email to MB churches.

Posted: January 16, 2009