MB Biblical Seminary Holds Student Video Contest

By Megan E. Richard

Click here to view all three submissions.

MB Biblical Seminary’s Fresno Campus held its first ever student video contest during the spring semester. Student teams competed in making short films that depicted “A Day in the Life of an MB Biblical Seminary Student.”

The contest was run by the Recruitment and Public Relations departments of the Seminary. “We wanted to find an outlet for students to use their creativity to highlight how they feel about MB Biblical Seminary, so we decided to do a video contest,” says Recruitment Director Andy Johnson. “Our students did a great job of showing what it’s like to be a student on any given day – which is exactly what we were hoping for.”

Students were allowed to turn in individual submissions, but all participants chose to form teams. Each team was allowed one non-MB Biblical Seminary student. In all, three teams took part, submitting one video each. All submissions depicted a humorous view of student’s lives.

The videos were judged during the March 26th Chapel by a three person panel of judges including Student Dean, Rick Bartlett; Associate Professor of Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, David Rose and Receptionist, Nancy Williams. Videos were critiqued on how well they creatively reflected the theme of the contest, consistency with MB Biblical Seminary policies and promoting the integrity of the seminary, on-time submission, staying within the 2-5 minute time length and having at least one faculty member appear in the video.

Cash prizes were awarded to all three teams with $300 going to the first place video submitted by Sarah Bergen and Laura Neufeld, students from the Central Valley and Kathy Heppner of Winnipeg, Manitoba. $200 went to the second place video submitted by students Tucker Russell of Ohio and Amy Stone and Megan Zupancic of the Central Valley. The third place prize of $100 was awarded to Matt Insley of Kansas, Tucker Russell and MB Biblical Seminary staff member Jason Hiebert. Jon Isaak, Associate Professor of New Testament, proved to be the faculty star of the contest, appearing in all three videos. It is unknown if any of the prize money went to him for his work and dedication.

The videos are available for viewing on our website and will be used by the Recruitment and Public Relations departments.

Posted: April 02, 2008