Public Relations Staff Transition

On August 1, the Public Relations and Alumni Relations staff team at MB Biblical Seminary will undergo a shift, as Megan Richard replaces Brad Thiessen as Director. Thiessen will shift to a part-time contract position, primarily in graphic design and editing.

Megan Richard has been the Public Relations, Alumni Relations and Recruitment Assistant since joining the Seminary staff team in May of 2005. In that time she has been part of the development of the Seminary’s Alumni Relations program and spearheaded many public relations events and partnerships within the Fresno, California area.

Brad Thiessen joined the Seminary as Director of Public Relations in December 2003. During his time at the Seminary, he refined and developed several aspects of the Seminary’s public relations program, including the re-visioning of the twice-annual “In Touch” magazine, two revamps of the website, institution of a marketing plan, and the development of a comprehensive Alumni Relations program. He has also been part of the Seminary’s efforts to promote its unique identity as one Seminary with three campuses.

“Brad and Megan have worked as a team to deepen our connection to our constituencies and integrate public relations with the work of our faculty members,” says Rick Bartlett, Director of Constituency Relations. “Having Megan move into a leadership role, and having Brad continue on as part of the team, gives me great confidence in our ability to continue sharing the mission of the Seminary to potential students, supporters, and our graduates who are out there ministering in communities around the world.”

Thiessen looks back at his role in the 2005 publication of the book “Out of the Strange Silence,” written by the Seminary’s faculty members, as a particular high point. “Throughout my time at the Seminary I was challenged and enriched by the teaching and character of the professors,” he says.

The staff transitions came at Brad Thiessen’s initiative, as he seeks to move further into new career directions.

Posted: July 24, 2007