FPU students can help put the world on a better path

Students from Fresno Pacific University are part of transforming the world.

That was the message from FPU President D. Merrill Ewert at the university’s opening convocation August 31. Students, faculty and staff gathered for the annual event, which marks the end of the first week of classes.

Today is a time of dishonesty by politicians, athletes and celebrities. "Society, it would appear, has lost its way," Ewert said. The answer lies in the words of Psalm 119, part of which was read by Student Body President Nayely Arreola; in the opening hymn, "May the Mind of Christ, My Savior"; and in the theme for the 2007-2008 school year: "Make a Difference. Think. Choose. Change."

"There's a way to fill our lives with the law of God," Ewert said. "Fill ourselves with the word."

Filling ourselves with the word of God allows us to stay pure, find direction, understand what we're to do and discover hope and true happiness, Ewert said. This foundation--combined with work, study and connections with faculty and other students--prepares graduates to lead in churches, professions and communities. "God's message in our lives transforms us so we can transform our world," he said.

Equipping leaders with character as well as competence will help society find the proper path. "That's what we're doing here," Ewert said.