MB Biblical Seminary's Fresno campus offers Degree from a Distance

By Megan E. Richard

MB Biblical Seminary has campuses located in Fresno, CA; Langley, BC; and Winnipeg, MB. Now we are excited to announce the August launch of Degree from a Distance, a Master of Arts program for Midwestern students, based out of the Fresno, CA campus.

“This degree is a response to requests from Midwestern pastors who have indicated interest in Seminary, but are in work or family situations that make it difficult to move to Fresno for two or three years,” explains Academic Dean Lynn Jost. “The main goal of the Seminary has always been to train pastors and leaders for the Mennonite Brethren churches in North America, and over the last year we have been working hard to develop a program that would meet the need of our Midwest churches in doing just that; the result is Degree from a Distance.”

Degree from a Distance is designed for students to earn a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry over the course of four years. The degree includes a combination of courses to be taken each year including one-week module courses in the Midwest, internet-based courses, and one- and two-week module courses on the Fresno campus. This degree allows students to remain based in the Midwest and to continue in their current ministry assignments. The plan also allows students to experience the community of the Fresno campus and demands minimal time away from home.

MB Biblical Seminary will offer the first course in the Degree from a Distance program in mid-August. Taught by Dr. Rick Bartlett, the course is a one-unit internet-based follow-up to the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.

All Midwestern pastors will receive a packet of information on Degree from a Distance by the end of the summer. Questions on the program or referrals of potential students can be directed to Andy Johnson, Director of Recruitment, at ajohnson@mbseminary.edu or Steve Prieb, Advancement Officer for the Midwest at sprieb@mbseminary.edu.

Posted: June 22, 2007