Ministry Quest fall retreats a success

by Megan E. Richard

MB Biblical Seminary’s Ministry Quest program recently completed its annual schedule of fall retreats with 36 students from the US and Canada participating in one of three six-day events on the Fresno campus in August, September and October. The fall retreats are part of the first stage of the one-year Ministry Quest program.

According to reports from students, highlights included a student led discussion on "What is a leader?", building new friendships, leadership games, eating new kinds of food, hearing from various MB Biblical Seminary professors, and a day trip to Kings Canyon National Park.

“I have changed in that I have more confidence in myself as a student leader,” reflects one Ministry Quest participant. “I knew before that I had leadership qualities, but the things that were said and brought out on MQ allowed me to really see more of my potential and encouraged me to use my gifts more in my community.”

It is changes such as this that reflect the success of the Ministry Quest retreats. Once home the participants continue the learning and growing process through ministry observations with their pastors, mentoring sessions, and forum discussions on the Ministry Quest website. A recent entry on the forum talks about one participant starting a prayer closet with a friend; another entitled “the heaven question” ponders the faith versus works question.

However, you cannot visit the forum these days without noticing the buzz around the upcoming February retreat in British Columbia. The February retreat launches the second half of the Ministry Quest program and brings together students from all three fall retreats who wish to continue in the program.

MB Biblical Seminary, through the Ministry Quest program, seeks to inspire and equip young men and women to be disciples of Jesus Christ, and to serve and lead in the church and in the world.

If you would like to learn more about the Ministry Quest program or experience the buzz for yourself, click on the Ministry Quest tab above.

Posted: December 21, 2006