Professor Jim Westgate to Address the Topic: Jesus and Islam - Which One is Right?

October 25th, November 3rd, and November 8th
New Covenant Community Church, Fresno, CA

MB Seminary professor and Fresno Leadership Foundation Founder Jim Westgate will present a series of lectures entitled, Jesus and Islam, Which One is Right? This is a part of the "BrainPower" discussion series hosted by the college group at New Covenant Community Church in Fresno, CA.

Dr. Westgate brings his considerable experience and knowledge to address this topic. In addition, Dr. Westgate has had many opportunities to interact with the Islamic community, and has worked with Muslims on several initiatives in Fresno. Please invite interested friends and neighbors. The event is free.

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, October 25th:
- Jesus and Koran

Thursday, November 1st:
- The Apostle Paul and the Koran

Thursday, November 8th:
- The Apostle John and the Koran

New Covenant Community Church
- Main Sanctuary
- 1744 E. Nees, Between Cedar and Maple on Nees

Contact New Convenant Community Church for More information: 298-0695

Posted: October 19, 2001