Ministry Quest Program Director Appointed

MB Biblical Seminary is delighted to announce the appointment of Rick Bartlett as the Ministry Quest program director effective June 2003. Ministry Quest is a program giving High School Youth the opportunity to explore ministry as a vocational option. Ministry Quest is the High School component of the "Hearing The Call" project directed by John Neufeld. In addition to Directing Ministry Quest, Rick will teach courses and lead seminars in youth ministry, leadership development and discipleship.

Rick is 1992 Graduate of MBBS and has served in three MB congregations, at Heartland Christian Camp, as the Assistant to the National Director for Youth for Christ - Britain from 1993-2000 and Leadership Development Director - Youth for Christ Pacific Northwest Region from 2000 - present. Rick will be relocating to Fresno with his wife Karen and their two children Grace and Toby.

More information about Ministry Quest can be found at:

Submitted By: John Neufeld (Hearing the Call Director)

Posted: March 11, 2003