Presidential Search Survey Results Announced

The MBBS Presidential Search Committee is pleased to report the completion of the information gathering process begun in mid-November 2002. Of the approximately 700 surveys distributed, 45% were returned; half from Canadian respondents, the other half from U.S. respondents.
During a telephone conference meeting on January 13, the committee reviewed the data tables compiled by its consultant, Rebekah Basinger. An extensive discussion of the results and their impact on the presidential profile produced a preliminary profile. (Detailed survey results can be viewed at

The emerging profile includes: a vibrant relationship with Jesus; professional and personal integrity; forward thinking; awareness of theological and church trends; and team building. The profile is currently being fine-tuned and should be completed by the end of January.

The committee then turned its attention to preparing an advertisement for president to be placed in the upcoming issues of several periodicals. Look for the ad in the Christian Leader, the M.B. Herald, Mennonite Weekly Review, Christian Week and The Mennonite.

Submitted By: Karin Enns (Search Committee Secretary)

Posted: January 17, 2003