FPU art faculty member joins next wave

A faculty member at Fresno Pacific University is part of the next wave of Central Valley artists.

Robin Dolarian will be part of "Next Wave II: Fresno Artists of the New Era" May 16-July 21 at Fresno Art Museum. 'Next Wave' exhibits happen every 10 years and participation is by invitation only. To be invited, artists must be mature in their work, committed to the life and labor of art, have an independent and identifiable style and personally act to advance appreciation of contemporary art, according to the museum.

Intensity and intuition define Dolarian’s work, according to Larry Warkentin, FPU music faculty, who wrote a statement for the exhibition. “Strong theological concern, motivated by his religious conviction, is evidenced in the appearance of crosses and other religious symbols in numerous works,” Warkentin wrote. “Political concern, especially relating to violence and war, perhaps motivated by his family history with the Armenian genocide, appears as mixed media applications of photos and military symbols.”

As for intuition, Dolarian shuns the terms “contemporary” or “post-modern,” that claim nothing can be proven except that humans can bring order our of chaos. “He prefers the term ‘modernsim,’ which he defines as work that ‘reflects some sort of universal standard’,” Warkentin wrote.

The opening reception will be from 5-8 p.m. Thursday, May 16. For more information on either the exhibit or the Fresno Art Museum, call 559-441-4221.