FPU sponsors video on the U.S. Constitution

FresnoPacific University is among the sponsors of a video aimed at educating Central Valley students about the U. S. Constitution.

Each edition of “We The People…The U.S. Constitution and You,” is geared to a U.S. Congressional district. FPU President Harold Haak appears in videos distributed within the 19thand 20thdistricts. Every public and private high school, junior college and cable television station received a copy of the 24-minute program.

Haak is featured in opening and closing remarks that include a montage of FPU campus scenes and a brief description of the school. He introduces the Constitution as not just a historical document dealing with the country’s past, “but one that lives today and continues to shape our future.”

The main program, common to all editions of the video, features Caroline Kennedy talking about the history, formation, structure and continuing importance of the Constitution. The emphasis is on rights—such as the freedoms of speech, religion, expression, press and a fair trial—the separation of powers between the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government and the importance of rule by law rather by an individual or small group.

Each edition also features a message from the local congressional representative. George Radanovich speaks for the 19thDistrict and Cal Dooley for the 20thDistrict.

“We The People” is distributed nationally by Committee for Citizen Awareness.