Visitor needs drive new FPU website design

More information and better organization are among the features of the newly redesigned Fresno Pacific University Internet site.

Alumni, donors and the Center for Degree Completion are among the areas new to the site. Other departments and programs, such as the bookshop, and information linking students and prospective employers are updated and easier to find.

The entire site,, is arranged with the audience in mind. Visitors can choose from listings directed at future students, parents and working adults, based on who they are and what they need to know. Those who know exactly where the want to go can check the “Quick Reference” or “Schools” box and be taken directly to a specific part of the site.

“We want to welcome people who have never seen our site as well as regular visitors,” said Media and Community Relations Director Diana Bates Mock, who oversaw the rebuilding effort. “It’s like going shopping—you can browse throughout the store or head right for what you need.”

A group of staff members from all three schools of the university and other key areas, such as the Registrar’s Office, contributed to the new design. “We wouldn’t have a new web site without this team,” Mock said. “We’re going to keep them together to keep expanding and improving our service.”