Fresno Pacific University to participate in national day of prayer

In accordance with President George W. Bush's declaration that Friday, September 14, 2001, be a national day of prayer and remembrance, students, faculty and staff at Fresno Pacific University took part in a short ceremony at 7:30 a.m. around the flagpole in front of the campus Special Events Center.

The agenda includes:

Trumpet solo

          Raise U.S. flag to top of center flag pole

Welcome– President Harold Haak

          Why we’re here

          Acknowledge Peter Klassen, FPU board chair

          Introduce program participants

Vocal solo– Larkin Hand (student)

Scripture reading– Muhuwu Lumeya (Moo-how-oo Loo-may-ah) (student)

Homily– Katrina Poetker (faculty)

Lower flag to half mast– Jeff Jones (staff)

Congregational hymn– Larkin Hand

Closing prayer– Rod Reed (campus pastor)